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10 Ways To Wear Yellow + Facts

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Get The Scoop & Wear YELLOW FASHION All-Year-Long!

Yellow Color: It’s been described in many words before, for example, it represents joy, happiness, and positive energy! Think of the sun and its life and light source and dream of Yellow. Yellow has also been associated with wealth and royalty. So why are many of us shying away from wearing Yellow? We have read, researched, and decided to embrace Yellow from the brightest to the mellow and show you 10 fashionable ways to wear Yellow all-year-long despite the season.

Yellow Facts: Along with Red and Blue, Yellow is a primary color. For centuries, Yellow has been associated with positive things such as fun, friendship, and warmth.

Yellow Symbol: There have been some, somewhat negative symbolization of Yellow in some cultures around the world, but for our “10 Ways to Wear Yellow” we choose to dive in the majority rule of “Yellow Positivity”.



1 Business Casual Yellow Pencil Skirt with white and black striped top can close the deal.

2 Glam-up with matching Yellow lipstick & eyeshadow in the Summer.

3 Spring mood with matching Yellow Nail color, Yellow Shorts, or accessorize with Yellow Bangles.

4 Embrace Fall Weather with Mustard Yellow turtle-neck and bravely ease in to winter.

5 Go Yellow & Pink stripes, and mix it up with other primary color shades.

6 Just, Yellow bikini at the beach will do!

7 Find Mustard Yellow sued shoes to further brighten your Sunny Day!

8 Accessorize your bridesmaids with Soft Yellow & Olive shades.

9 Keep it chill with comfy Yellow Flats for the bridal party.

10 Big-Day with Yellow bridesmaid dresses with splash of Red, Yellow, & Pick Roses.

Yellow Psychology: According to Color Psychology, apart from the cheerfulness of Yellow, its also associated with intellect, logic, the ability to improve critical thinking and inspires hope and enthusiasm.

Yellow Personality: Rather than write a novel of the Yellow personalities, we will give you a list of admirable personalities linked with people who favor Yellow, according to Color Psychology.

We researched and came up with 14 POSITIVE Yellow personalities:

1. Cheerful

2. Confident

3. Don’t Mind Being Alone

4. Enjoy Their Own Company

5. Friendly

6. Good Communicators

7. High Degree of Independence

8. High Expectations (Self & Others)

9. Nurse Hurt Feelings Privately

10. Optimistic

11. Perfectionists

12. Persevere Even Under High Pressure

13. Pick Partners Carefully

14. Self-Reliance On Emotional Stability

Yellow Business & Branding: Did you know that Yellow can stimulate mental activity such that people can easily remember things that are written on Yellow backgrounds? In branding, Yellow is considered warmer than other cool shades and has a high degree of attention-grabbing ability that provokes warmth, fun, and cheerfulness!

Yellow HEX Code: In printing or RGB color world, 100% RED + 100% BLUE = # FFFF00 HEX Code.

Yellow Shades: There are five popular shades of yellow:

1. Sunflower Yellow - Bright

2. Lemon Yellow - Subdued

3. Banana Cream - Softer

4. Mustard Yellow - Olive-Like

5. Butter Yellow - Softest

Conclusion: Stay cheerful and live intentionally always! Research Sources: The Color Psychology . Org & The Fact Site.

Written by: Ruth Omanya.

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