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Discover Stunning R|H|O Avatars By AI

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Using ONLY 8 Selfies of our editor in chief, Ruth Omanya, we generated over 250 of her AI Avatars images with an amazing app from google app store.

The results were astonishing and spot on! AI technology also shockingly revealed unexpected resemblance to some of her family members and ancestors.

In some cases, we spotted uncanny celebrity resemblances to Actress Sanaa Lathan, Model Naomi Campbell, Singer Rihanna, Actress, Meagan Good, and more!

After a fun and careful review of the over 200 AI Images generated, these select avatars were our favorite, most accurate, and realistic avatars of Ruth considering her facial features like her cat-eyes, full-lips, high cheekbones, and her general profile.

"My Love for Art and Creativity Drives Me. I Try to Incorporate Art in Almost Everything I Do."

Stay tuned for more RHO Avatars soon! Tell us what you think via comments below or vote with a love heart symbol on your favorite RHO Avatar images.

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