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RHO Chicago, Co. Beauty Business

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

RHO Chicago, Co. is launching an on-going national recruiting campaign for its prospective Independent Beauty & Bridal Contractors, and Retailers/Boutiques to work with RHO Chicago, Co., at their soon opening Chicago loop retail shop at The Heritage Shops at Millennium Pedway!

Ruth Omanya, Founder & CEO, RHO Chicago

The opportunities are intended for partnerships with beauty or bridal professionals, and to help them grow their businesses though stocking RHO's natural beauty products, selling mineral makeup and botanical skincare, or designer bridal gowns for Top Commissions!

Ruth Omanya, Founder & CEO, RHO Chicago

The Independent Beauty & Bridal Contractors who sign up to partner with RHO CHICAGO, Co. can expect faster commission payouts via RHO GLOBALPAY™ Business Debit Visa that works like a bank account. Partners receive FREE electronic delivery of their annual 1099 tax forms!

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